CoreLogic vs. Quantarium: Which Real Estate Data Provider Is Best?

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Partnering with real estate data providers allows real estate professionals and clients to make informed decisions with property evaluations, risk assessments, and more.

CoreLogic and Quantarium are prominent names in the real estate industry. They provide data analytics, property valuation services, and real estate solutions to various partners. Their clients include lenders, servicers, real estate mortgage providers, brokers, and more.

There’s no doubt that both companies are promising real estate data and valuation service providers. That said, a side-by-side comparison will allow clients to assess which provider can support the service they wish to have. 

So, CoreLogic vs. Quantarium: which service provider is more suitable for you? Let’s compare both companies based on how they approach data sourcing , their products and services, and their accuracy.

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CoreLogic vs. Quantarium: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Through real estate data providers, clients can look into the evolution of the real estate market, analyze market trends and patterns, and compare prices and valuations, and these perks are just the tip of the iceberg!

Thus, partnerships with real estate data analytics providers are a good investment that can increase competency and ensure success in the industry.

Before entering a deal with data providers, the company’s standing and longevity in the real estate industry are essential determinants to examine before sealing a partnership.

These factors help potential partners measure their efficiency and experience in bringing high-quality solutions to their clients and partners.

CoreLogic vs. Quantarium

Company Overview

CoreLogic is an award-winning real estate data provider with a decades-old reputation, founded by Kraig Clark and Steve Schroeder. The company received over 50 awards and accolades and has over 600,000 users.

CoreLogic’s clients include real estate platforms and companies like Openn, Genworth, and Yes MLS. 

Meanwhile, here are some of the company’s awards and distinctions for 2023:

  • Swanepoel Power 200 Top 20 Technology Executives (Pat Dodd)
  • 2023 top 100 CIOs in the USA (Abe Kuruvilla)
  • HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage & Real Estate

On the other hand, Quantarium is an artificial intelligence-driven company founded by AI scientists, software architects, and real estate professionals. The company was established in 2012 in Washington, United States.

Despite being relatively new in the industry, some of Quantarium’s clients are notable names like Zillow and Realfinity. The company was also hailed as one of the 2023 HW Tech100 Real Estate award winners.

Data Approach and AVM Models

Let’s look into both companies’ approaches to data processing and delivery, as well as their automated valuation models:


CoreLogic has a 50-year history with real estate data analytics. The company’s databases cover 99.7% of the US population, with access to over 3 billion property and financial records.

CoreLogic boasts of its speedy, accurate, and reliable data delivery. It uses traditional methods, machine learning techniques, and artificial intelligence for data mastering and management.

CoreLogic also adapts the latest data processing innovations with technologies from Kafka, Spring Cloud, Data Flow, and ElasticSearch. These technologies allow the streamlined processing of enormous data volumes from thousands of databases.

The company states that its technology and innovations meet Real Estate Services (RESO) standards too.

When it comes to the company’s AVM model, they use advanced AI modeling and comprehensive data sets to produce measurable and real-time valuation decisions.


Quantarium, on the other hand, processes over 1 billion property values each month with its machine-learning platform. The company also uses advanced AI technology to process data and analyze real estate solutions.

Currently, Quantarium’s valuation model is considered the best among AVM models, bringing highly accurate and timely valuation data to its clients and partners. A self-learning AI engine with improved precision backs their valuation model.

The Quantarium Valuation Model (QVM) is considered top tier, providing granular information on properties where users can access their 360-degree view. They also value properties based on their innovative technology that captures and grades the qualities of a given property

Services and Notable Features

For a better perspective, here’s a summary of CoreLogic and Quantarium’s services and unique features:


CoreLogic offers solutions in real estate, mortgage, insurance, and data analytics.

Here are some services that the company offers:

  • Lead Generation Solutions
  • Advisory Services
  • Property Data and Solutions
  • Location Intelligence
  • Mortgage Solutions (Flood Data Services, Tax Services, etc.)

In terms of real estate, CoreLogic’s Discovery Platform is a remarkable innovation. It’s a cloud-based ecosystem allowing users to upload and access data essential to strategize a marketing approach, as well as generate helpful business insights to increase revenue.

Real estate agent success job to tranfer finished building project to home buyer

Through the platform, users can collaborate with property data experts quickly and safely.

Users can also access visualization tools for helpful real estate insights. Most importantly, CoreLogic’s CLIP ID gives detailed and precise information on properties.

With CLIP ID, you get a 360-degree view of a property, including property characteristics, MLS, valuations, environmental situations, and more.


Quantarium offers the following products and services like the following:

  • Valuation Models and Platform
  • Data and Analytics
  • Direct Marketing Lists
  • Proprietary Data
  • QCMA

Its most notable product features include TerraIndex HPI, TerraPlot, and TerraLook—collectively known as the Terraverse.

In a nutshell, these Quantarium technologies give users and clients a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market status and property assessments in a timely manner.

It uses computer vision and location intelligence to deliver a comprehensive graphical representation of a property or a real estate matrix.

These technologies also use AI-powered programs to make computers interpret data in a visual representation, usually in the form of photographs.

For example, the TeraLook technology incorporated in their QVM (Quantarium Valuation Model) is a helpful tool for analyzing properties. This technology is trained with millions of properties to analyze and grade property images for valuation.

Final Verdict: What Is the Better Choice Between CoreLogic and Quantarium?

CoreLogic has a 99.5% standard of accuracy. It’s a well-established and widely known real estate data provider catering to over 600,000 real estate agents and brokers, federal agencies, and big-time listing services and entities.

With its promising reputation and remarkable services, CoreLogic’s longevity in the real estate industry reflects its unmatched and reliable data solutions.

On the other hand, Quantarium is the leading innovator in advanced AI solutions, making services and solutions more accessible and comprehensive to all partners.

With its reputation as the most accurate automated valuation model, it’s no surprise that Quantarium continues to set the bar high and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Though both companies use different technologies and approaches, the two remain as leading innovators in the industry. Corelogic and Quantarium deliver timely and precise data trusted by many real estate partners all over the United States. 

Either way, both platforms are powerful tools for real estate professionals and entities seeking to innovate marketing insights or study the industry.


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